FireKing Fireproof Data Safes

Data safes offer fireproof protection for invaluable electronic media.

Computer Media is so easily damaged, manufacturers recommend computer media not be exposed to temperatures over 125°F or humidity over 85%. Even a hot mug of coffee represents a real hazard, so imagine what a small fire would do.

Only FireKing Data Safes protect data from more than just fire.

In a FireKing Data Safe, computer media is protected from fire, dust, magnetic fields, unauthorized access, accidental damage and electrostatics. The walls and doors provide the ultimate in protection by incorporating layers of heat absorbing material, fireproof insulating foam and a tough steel casing. Three-way boltwork ensures the doors remain shut if a building collapses during a fire or if forced entry is attempted. 

Data safes with up to three-hour UL® Class 125 fire testing.

Under UL Class 125 Fire Testing, the safe must maintain an interior temperature less than 125°F and an interior relative humidity less than 80% for class 125, when exposed to fire as per the Standard Time Temperature Curve for three-hour safes to 1925°F for two-hour safes to 1850°F and for one-hour safes to 1700°F. 

FireKing Data Safes must undergo all other requirements for the Fire Endurance Test.

The safe must undergo all other requirements for the Fire Endurance Test, the Explosion Hazard Test, the Humidity Test, and the Fire and Impact Test. Basically, no explosion through 30 minutes to exposure to a 2000°F fire and immediate 30 foot drop test and a standard reheating for one-hour to 1700°F for three-hour safes, 45 minutes to 1638°F for two-hour safes and 30 minutes to 1550°F for one-hour safes.