FireKing Fireproof Card Files

FireKing card files offer convenient, accessible fireproof storage of specially-sized records.
FireKing card files carry the Underwriter's Laboratories Class 350-rating for documents and 1-hour UL firerated protection. FireKing card files offer all the safety features of a fireproof vault – in an easily accessible container (available with optional caster base).

Whether it’s medical records, signature cards or canceled checks, the FireKing card file can be customized with section inserts and card trays to easily organize and protect specially sized records. One, two and
three-section inserts can fit cards between 5" and 9 ¾" wide and can be placed in each card, check or note file drawer. Full depth card trays for 5"x 9" cards are also available. Two card trays can be placed in each drawer.