DS6420-2 FireProof Data Safes-2 hour FireKing


FireKing DS6420-2LG: Large-capacity fireproof storage.
11.20 cubic feet capacity of UL® Class 125, 2 hour fireproof storage for large-scale media protection.
This stand-alone UL® CLASS 125, 2-hour rated storage safe protects media against fire (temperatures up to 1850º F) for at least two hours, as well as damage from sprinklers, water and humidity.

11.20 cubic feet capacity
 Weight: 1,380 lbs.
Exterior: H= 76_13/16” W= 29_7/16” D= 30”
Interior: H= 63_1/8” W= 19_5/16” D= 15_13/16”