FireKing KF2715-1WHE 1 Hour Fire Safe

FireKing KF2715-1WHE
2 adjustable shelves 
3.6 cu. ft. 1 hour Rated Fire Resistant safe.
External Dimensions: H= 33_1⁄4” x W= 21” x D=22_3⁄4”
Internal Dimensions: H= 27_1⁄4” x W= 15” x D= 27_1⁄2”
Shipping Weight: 441 lbs.
  • Independent Glass Plate Relocking Device. This innovative system triggers in the event of an attack, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Heavy Stationary Locking Bar. Designed to thwart prying or drilling attempts, ensuring your valuables remain untouched.
  • 1.26” Diameter Active Bolts Extending in 3 directions, these bolts offer robust protection against any breach attempts, setting a new standard for security.
  • Multiuser electronic keypad lock.

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