FireKing Turtle 2R1822-CAWSF Safe in a Fireproof File
FireKing Turtle 2R1822-CAWSF Safe in a Fireproof File Open Full Angled
FireKing Turtle 2R1822-CAWSF Safe in a Fireproof File Open Empty

FireKing Turtle 2R1822-CAWSF Safe in a Fireproof File

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2 drawer 22" depth Letter or Legal UL Class 350 1 hour file with Hidden Safe in top drawer
External Dimensions: H=27_3/4" W=17_3/4" D=22_1/8"
Internal Drawer Dimensions: H=10_3/8" W=12_3/16" D= 15_1/8"
Internal Safe Dimensions: H=10.9" W=13.36" D=15327"
Shipping Weight; 295 lbs.
FireKing's compact 22” size Turtle file is designed cleverly to conceal a 1.3 cubic foot safe with a 3/16” solid steel door behind a false top drawer panel. 
Safe comes standard with key lock.
Other Features 
Legal or Lateral Filing (no additional hardware required) 
UL 1-Hour Fire & Impact Rated 
Cam Key Lock 
Recessed Handles 
Field Replaceable Panels 
Powder Coat Finish The Turtle Safe-In-File is the perfect fit for small or home office. 
Even fits in a standard closet. UL 1 hour fire and impact rating. Exterior is available in Arctic White. The interior safe is graphite. Both letter and legal-sized documents can be filed in the file drawer. 
Fireproof file 1 hour
UL Class-350 1 Hour Fire Rating: The FireKing file is tested for 2 hours in a furnace with temperatures rising to 1700°F. The internal temperature of the file must remain below 350°F for the duration of the test.


hazard test

Explosion Hazard Test: The FireKing file is placed into a furnace preheated to 2000° for 30 minutes to simulate a cold file falling into a very hot fire.


Impact rated

UL Impact Test : The FireKing safe is heated to 1550°F for 30 minutes then dropped onto concrete rubble from a height of 30 feet. It is then turned upside down and reheated 30 more minutes. The file cabinet must maintain its integrity and protect its contents for the duration of the test


Fire and water resistant

Water resistance: FireKing files are designed to protect contents from incidental water contact such as building sprinkler systems and fire hoses.


UL rated key lock

UL-listed high-security Medeco® key lock.


Made in the USA
Made in the USA