FireKing Files Cabinet Lock Options

Medeco High Security Key Lock
FireKing Key Lock

Comes standard on FireKing Classic File cabinets. Requires no key when locking the cabinet, simply push in on the cylinder to relock. The High Security Key Lock has a proprietary design that is virtually pick-proof. With a design that helps prevent against other forms of physical attack such as drilling, prying, and bumping. UL Listed, Underwriters’ Laboratories’ standards for resistance to picking and drilling. In addition, high-security keys can only be replaced by FireKing, lending an additional layer of protection for the long term.

SecuRam ProLogic L02 Safe Lock
Electronic Keypad Lock

The ProLogic L02 is a very reliable and robust safe lock system ideal for most applications. Features SECURAM’s rugged stainless steel construction and an OLED Screen for easy viewing and user feedback.
Simple to use and reliable, just enter your 6 digit code and open.
  • OLED Menu system guides the user through access and programming procedures
  • Features 30 Codes: 2 Manager Codes and 28 User Codes
  • 5,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery
  • Single or Dual Control mode
  • Enable and Disable User codes

Dial Combination Lock,

  • 1 million possible combinations.
  • Group 2 Mechanical Lock