DM4420-3 FireKing FireProof Data Safes-3 hour


DM4420-3 Fireproof Data Safes-3 hour by FireKing:

UL Class 125-rated for three hours.
Fireproof media storage for multi-format data protection. This stand-alone UL® CLASS 125, three-hour rated media storage safe protects media against fire (temperatures up to 1925º F) for at least three hours, damage from sprinklers, water, humidity {internal relative humidity remains less than 80%}. plus the UL-RSC Burglary Rating for strong protection against theft and break-ins.
7.9 cubic feet capacity
Exterior: H= 59_3/4" W=32_1/16" D= 31"
Interior: H= 43_5/8" W= 18_5/8" D=16_11/16"
Weight: 1,420 lbs.