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Fireproof Safes - Media Vaults - Fire Safe Filing Cabinets

Fireproof safes, fireproof file cabinets and a full range of specialty and high-security safes and cabinets to meet the most demanding performance requirements. Get the best protection from SafetyFile.

Most Versatile:
FireKing Fireproof Storage Cabinet
CF4436-D             CF7236-D
Fire-rated Protection:
Products that can take the heat
Most Popular:
FireKing Personal Media Vault MV1000
Storage-cabinets FireKing fire test Media Vault
Spacious with adjustable shelves,
Lots of interior options,UL® 350 fire-rated.
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File cabinet and media
vault fire tested.
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Compact, affordable, UL® Class 125- 1-hour rated.
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Most Affordable:
Patriot by FireKing from $725.00

Highest Capacity
DS6431-2LG media safe
Most Secure:
High Security safes
FireKing_Patriot DS6431-2LG_safe Meilink TL30 safe.
Economically-priced, high quality protection. 31" or 25" depth vertical UL® Class 350-1 hour
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Protects up to 1,288 DLT or LTO tapes, UL Class 125- 2 hour rated
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MeilinkTL-30 and TL-15 Tool resistant safes
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Featured Product

FireKing Fireproof Safe (DM4420-3): UL-rated for three hours

Large-capacity fireproof storage for multi-format data protection.

This stand-alone UL® CLASS 125, three-hour rated storage safe protects media against fire (temperatures up to 1925º F) for at least three hours, as well as damage from sprinklers, water and humidity, plus the UL - RSC Burglary Rating

7.9 cubic feet capacity
Exterior: H= 59 3/4” W= 32 1/16” D= 31”
Interior: H= 43 5/8” W= 18 5/8” D= 16 11/16”
Weight: 1,420 lbs.

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