FireKing KF2617-2WHE 1-1/2 Hour Fire Resistant Safe

FireKing KF2617-2WHE 3.6 cu.ft. 1 1/2 hour Fire Resistant safe.
External Dimensions: H=32" W=23_2/9" x D 20"
Internal Dimensions: H=26_1/4" W=17_1/2" D=13_1/2"
Shelves included: 2
Drawers included:1
Shipping Weight: 396 lbs 
No Plastic, All Heavy Steel Construction
Steel Bolt Work
Powder Coat Finish
After 3 Incorrect Attempts Safe Goes Into Lockout Mode
Fire Rated
Water Resistant
Manufacturers Limited One-Year Warranty
Free After Fire Replacement

Dock to Dock freight is included in the base price. A loading dock or forklift is required at the delivery location .
Lift gate delivery or curb side delivery is an additional $75.00. Delivery truck is equipped with a Hydrolic lift that will lower the FireKing safe to the ground.