S-G 8550 Dial Combination Lock

Changing the Combo
1. The existing combo and a change key are required.
2. Open the safe door by dialing the existing combo.
3. Dial the existing combo again on the changing index, stopping at the third number of the combo.
4. Insert the change key. The wing should be entirely inside the lock and come to a positive stop. If the key does not insert the wheels are not properly aligned: repeat Step 3.
5. Turn the change key to the left 1/4 turn.
6. Leave the change key in the lock.
7. Prepare to create a new combo of three numbers.
8. Using the change index turn the dial left and pass the first number 3 times and stop exactly on the forth time.
9. Turn the dial right and pass the second number 2 times, then stop exactly on the third time.
10. Turn the dial left and pass the third number once, then stop exactly on the second time.
11. Leave the dial on the last number and turn the change key back to the right and remove the change key.
12. With the door open dial the new combo several times on the opening index to ensure the door will open properly.

Opening the Safe
1. Turn the dial left past the first number 3 times and stop on the forth time.
2. Turn the dial right past the second number twice and stop on the third time.
3. Turn the dial left past the third number once and stop on the seond time.
4. Turn the dial right to 0.
5. until the dial stops at the last number.
5. Turn the handle and open the door.

Note: The part number for the S&G 8550 lock is T-3600.

Combo Does Not Work
1. Run the combo with all numbers one number low. Example: Combo should be 50-25-50, run 49-24-49.
2. Try one number high.
3. Continue in 1/2 number increments up to 3 numbers off in either direction.
4. If the door opens using one of the above methods, check if the users tend to spin the dial rapidly. If so, this will cause tumbler wear and combo drift.
5. Once the door is opened, the combo should be changed and tested before being shut.
6. If the door cannot be opened, it must be drilled.