Residential home safes and files



Whether you are protecting important Documents, Data, Jewelry or Valuables, we have the solution.

FireKing Safes and File Cabinets provide the very highest level of protection from fires, impact damage, theft and even explosions. SafetyFile offers a full line of Fire King safes and file cabinets to fit every requirement, every space constraint, and every budget. FireKing has worked tirelessly for over half a century to develop the absolute best records protection available on the market. For protecting your valuables and your peace of mind, FireKing is the best records protection you can buy.

Hot, dry, and windy conditions turn the hills of California into raging walls of fire. In Wine-Country this has caused over 233,000 acres of land to be scorched by this year’s wildfire epidemic. These events are difficult to prepare for and the effects are devastating.

            One California resident, Brad Messer, lost his entire house when the fire spread to his neighborhood. “The thing about security, is that you never really think about it until something catastrophic happens to you,” stated Messer. He arrived back to his property to find everything burned down to the foundation, except for one thing: his FireKing filing cabinet.

            “At first I was really concerned when I went back and saw the filing cabinet still there. It was in my garage with my car in front of it and my ceiling had caved in on top of it. We opened it up with a crowbar and everything in there was fine. My passports, birth certificates, pink slips for my vehicles, and personal items were all in good condition. After my neighbors went back to their houses, they had lost everything. I still had the documents that I needed because of our FireKing file cabinet.”

FireKing filing cabinets are not only fire rated, but they are also impact rated.  This means they are built to withstand a 30 foot fall during a fire onto a bed of rubble. The combination of both fire and impact ratings is what makes FireKing the best protection money can buy. “I was very impressed with this product and I am absolutely looking forward to having another one. Before the fires, it was just a lockable filing cabinet. Now it is the security I need to keep my items safe.”