Kid Fire and Burn Safety Tips

Kid Fire and Burn Safety Tips

It is important for kids to learn about fire safety. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your family safe in a fire emergency.

Smoke Detectors

1.   Tell your mom or dad to get a smoke detector installed on each level of your home. Each bedroom should have a smoke detector.

2.   Make sure the smoke detector is working properly by testing it every month.

3.   Be sure to have a fire escape route planned with your family. If the smoke detector goes off-it is time to use you fire escape route plan.

Fire Extinguishers

1.    If you are older than 8, have mom or dad help you learn how to fuse a fire extinguisher.

2.    Make sure you have an extinguisher in your kitchen.

3.    If you have a fire place in your home, make sure you have an extinguisher close by.

Burn Information:

*Call 911 if the burn is serious.

1.    Put burnt skin under cool water (not cold) for 15 minutes.

2.    Cover burn in loose cloth.

3.    Elevate area. You may take the recommended dosage of aspirin or ibuprofen to take some of the pain away.

Chemical Burn- Flush area with cool water for 20 minutes.

*Ask your parents to set the heat on your hot water tank to 120 degrees to lessen chance of getting burned from water.

Fire Escape Plan

Sit down with your family and create a plan in the case of a fire emergency. This plan should detail how each family member should get out of the house from each room in the house. There should be several different plans depending on where the fire might be located. Be sure to include a meeting place outside or at a neighbor’s house where your family will meet after escaping the house. 

1.    Have a flashlight next to your bed to help you see if you have to escape at night.

2.    Do not lock your bedroom door at night because your parents may need to come in and get you if you don’t wake up to the fire alarm.

3.    Stay close to the ground as you escape to keep smoke from getting into your lungs.

4.    If your clothing catches on fire use the Stop, Drop, Roll technique.

  • Drop immediately where you are (but not IN the fire)

  • Roll back and forth to put out the flames.

More tips

1.    Call 911 in any emergency

2.    Do not touch electrical outlets in your home with your fingers or any other object.

3.    Never play with matches or lighters

4.    Go inside during a lightning storm

There are many things you can do to prevent fires and burns. There are also important things to know after a fire or burn has occurred to keep you safe. The more you learn about fire and burn safety the better you can help keep you and your family safe and be fireproof safe. Have a Fire Safety meeting with your family tonight!