Can Your Safe Withstand California Wildfires?

California Wildfires FireKing SafesWildfires are unpredictable and can happen at any time. Most people don’t even have enough warning to store their valuables and important documents in a safe location, which can cause a lot of problems during the recovery period. That’s one of the reasons why many security experts encourage people to have fire safe storage in their home and office. This safe can hold and protect all the important documents and files, and protect them from any kind of wildfire.

Do safes protect important documents and items from wildfires?

FireKing safes are designed to do just that and recent evidence and events suggest they’re successful. In October 2017, a series of wildfires broke out in California and caused widespread devastation. The fires impacted eight counties and left nothing but charred remains in their wake. That means people who had not secured their possessions properly, lost everything.

When Brad Messer of Santa Rosa approached his devastated home to assess the property, he expected a complete loss. When they were evacuated from their homes, Messer barely had any time to collect their family dog so they had to leave everything behind. They couldn’t enter the property to inspect it until after two weeks of the fire so he didn’t have much hope.

The property was just a charred landscape with the burnt remains of the Messer family’s personal possessions. It was certainly a surprise for him to see the FireKing cabinet he kept in his garage intact, especially when it was next to the twisted and burnt up wreck of his car.

He didn’t expect much to survive in the safe because not much had survived outside of it. Surely the safe wasn’t more resilient than some of the other items in the house? Messer took a crowbar and opened the file cabinet door to see what had remained intact. Much to his surprise, he found all the items stored inside were perfectly intact.

The safe contained vital documents like birth certificates, insurance records, mortgage papers, car titles, social security cards, important business documents, cash, and several other such valuable items. Replacing these papers would’ve taken a lot of time and effort in an already stressful time so finding them safe and in good condition was definitely a great relief for Messer.

Documents survived fire in FireKing cabinet

The FireKing cabinets had protected the important items from one of the worst fires in the Sonoma County history. Not only had the safe survived the fire, but it had also survived the collapse of the house on top of it. The extreme heat and the devastating impact of the house falling only caused some minor cosmetic damage to the safe.

This is because all FireKing fire safes are well-constructed with only one purpose in mind and that is fire protection. The safe is re-enforced on all six sides to get maximum fire protection. These products also undergo extensive testing so they’re subjected to extreme fires and dropped from great heights to ensure they’re made well. This incident proves that FireKing paid a lot of attention to the design and construction of their safes to ensure they protected the customer’s valuables well.

FireKing has been around since 1951 and has specialized in this field. All products are tested and rated before being placed on the market, which gives customers a safe space to store all of their valuables. FireKing has excellent customer service in place and has already started working with customers and partners devastated by the Tibbs fire. The replacement safe for the Messer family is ready to be shipped whenever they need it.

FireKing believes that in such stressful times, some measure of protection from the safe can be a great relief for customers.