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Fireproof Media Safe

FireKing Data Safes From SafetyFile

Every FireKing fireproof data safe protects from fire, dust, burglary, magnetic fields, and accidents. With many different capacities and ratings for most every situation from the large enterprise to the home owner.

Space Saving 1 Hour Media Safes
The DS1817-1 fire proof media safe has the same interior options as larger units. The DS1513-1 fits easily next to personal computers. UL Class 125 one-hour fire and impact rated and certified VDMA 24991 in class S 60 DIS and EN 1047-1.

High-Capacity 2 hour Data Safes.
The 20.6 cubic foot interior of DS6431-2 { replacing the discontinued DS5337-2LG}is the largest UL class 125 2 hour rated safe available, DS6420-2 {replacing the DS6119-2LG}, DS4520-3 {replacing the DS4319-2LG}and DS2320-3 { replacing the DS2319-2LG} offer larger capacity, heat-absorbing layers, insulating foam, water-bearing fire-proofing and steel casing. Three-way bolting keeps your important data safe in a building collapse or forced entry attempt. Each is UL two-hour fire and impact rated, and certified VDMA 24991 in class S 60 DIS and EN 1047-1. Shown with interior options.

The Ultimate 3 Hour Fire and Buglary Data Safes.
The FireKing DM series safes are the highest rated data safes currenty available. The ultimate in data and media protection with a 3 hour UL Class 125 fire, impact and also a UL RSC burgalry rating


FireKing Media Vault

Personal Data Safe

DS1817-1 media safe
FireProof Data Safes-1 hour
DS6420-2 media safe
FireProof Data Safes-2 hour
DM4420-3 Media Safe
FireProof Data Safes-3 hour