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Fire Safe

Is your home safe from the ravages of a fire?

In a word, it's about survival.
You do what you can to keep your business and home safe. It's an unfortunate fact that disaster can strike at any time. Imagine the disruption if suddenly all your documents, forms, employee records, customer contact information or accounting information were damaged or destroyed. Unfortunately, many small businesses are never able to recover from such a loss of critical data. The key to survival is to respond to a disaster before it happens.

Safetyfile has been protecting and making your vital data and records fire safe since 1994. With the news filled these days with stories of terrorism, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires, it only makes sense to safeguard the data and records critical to the survival of your business. A file or safe from Safetyfile will protect your files and important paperwork from loss, damage, and destruction. Consider it disaster insurance for your business.

FireKing 2 hour Safe
FireKing Safes
2 Hour Fire & Burgalry Rated
Fire Safes
Fire King Safes
1 Hour Fire & Burglary Rated
Media Safes
Data Safes
1 , 2 or 3 Hour Rated