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Fire Resistant Safe

For critically important files, data, personal valuables, and everything else that needs to be kept safe, a fireproof safe is the only way to go. Convenient storage designs coupled with peace of mind are a winning combination that makes sense for anyone seeking the best available protection from both fire and or theft.
FireKing safes are deluxe home and office safes that provide much-needed durability and protection.  Featuring full UL Class 350 1 and 2 hour fire ratings or 1,2 and 3-hour UL Class125 fire ratings with impact, equipped with heavy-duty hinges to provide a lifetime of smooth safe door operation. The high security TL rated safes provide the security features you want, like a UL-listed automatic re-locking device (with integrated door hardplate) and heavy duty boltwork. Not only do they offer protection against temperatures above 1500° and drops of up to 30 feet, they offer peace of mind for the safety of your personal documents – all at an affordable price.


Fire Safe
Fireproof Safe in a file
UL Class 350
2 hour Fire & Burglary safe
1 Hour Safe
1 hour Fire & Burglary safe
TL30 Safe
TL30 & TL15 Security
FireKing flies
FireKing Vertical Files
FireKing Lateral files
FireKing Lateral Files
FireKing Card Files
FireKing Card & Check Files
FireKing Cabinet
Data Safe 3hour
3 Hour Fireproof Data safe
UL Class 125
2 Hour Fireproof Data safe
FireKing Card Files
1 hour Fireproof Data safe
Media Vault