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Fire King

Fire King Files, Safes and Media Vaults

22" depth 1 hour rated "Turtle"

Fire King - Space-Saving 22" size. Perfect For Small Business Or Home Office!

The Turtle gives you the superior fire protection you expect from a fireking file cabinet, but in a space-saving size. To be truly fireproof, a file must be resistant to impact--during a fire, floors collapse and ceilings fall. The Turtle, like others in the fire king fireproof file line, carries UL's 1-hour fire and impact rating. To earn this rating a fully loaded file cabinet is heated to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for one-half hour, then dropped 30 feet onto a bed of rubble. It is then placed back in the oven at 1550 degrees for another 30 minutes. The contents must remain intact to earn the rating.

The Turtle comes with dividers to allow both letter- and legal-size filing. Available in Parchment color only. Turtle files come with a four-pin key lock standard.

Fire King Turtle file

25" depth 1 hour rated "FireKing 25"

FireKing - 25" depth Space-Saving 25" size. Perfect anywhere a smaller footprint in required.

FireKing 25 file provides important records with the protection they require while minimizing it's footprint and your budget. The 25" depth files will give you all the features of the larger Fire King files in a more competitively priced, 25" depth. Available in 2-drawer and 4-drawer with both letter or legal widths available. FireKing 25 files come standard with a Medeco key lock thats UL-listed high-security. With a choice of nine standard colors. Each FireKing 25 file carries the UL 1 Hour fire and impact rating.

Fireking-4 drawer 25

31" depth 1 hour rated "FireKing full-size 31"

FireKing - Full Size 31" depth file

This is "the" most polular fire file. It's full-size 31" depth offers large capacity and. All Fire King 31" depth files carry Underwriter's Laboratories 1-hour fire rating with impact. Available in 2-drawer, 3-drawer and 4-drawer models sizes, in both letter and legal widths, with high sided drawer bodies for hanging folders means no additional frames are needed. A complete range of accessory and interior options is also available. A UL-listed high-security Medeco® key lock is standard. A variety of additional locking options is available. Plus, you can choose from nine standard colors (or any custom color you specify) to match your office décor. An upcharge may apply to custom finish orders.

Fire KIng 31 depth

FireKing Lateral Files

Lateral Files from FireKing

Lateral files come in three diffent widths 31", 38" and 44" with 2, 3 and 4-drawer sizes available. An Underwriter's Laboratories listed high-security Medeco® key lock comes standard with all lateral fire files. Included hardware to hang legal files side to side and letter files front to back. Optional cross hangers are also available available for side to side letter filing. As with the vertical files, these files carry the UL 1 Hour fire and impact rating and additional locking options are available. Available in nine standard colors.

Fireking Lateral File

FireKing Storage Cabinets

Document Cabinets from FireKing

UL Class 350 - 1 hour protection for oversized documents, binders, end-tab filing, Bankers Box, and other valuable items. Comes standard with adjustable shelves,high-security Medeco key lock and uses FireKing's environmentally-friendly electrostatic powder coat scratch-resistant finish. The FireKing Storage Cabinet is available in either a 72" or 44" high model. With many different Optional interior accessories available makes this a very versatile solution to your fire resistant storage needs

FireKing Cabinet


Fire King Fire Proof Safes

Safes from FireKing

If it's important that your documents, valuables and data be safe from fire, then FireKing from SafetyFile is the right choice. Provide economical, but uncompromised fire protection , FireKing safes offer a variety of ratings from UL Class 350 1-hour all the way to UL Class 125 3-hour with fire and impact ratings. Options include electronic keypad locks, High security dial combination locks and more.

FireKing 2 hour Safe
2 Hour Fire & Burgalry Rated
Fire Safes
1 Hour Fire & Burglary Rated
Media Safes
Data Safes
1 , 2 or 3 Hour Rated