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DS6431-2 FireProof Data Safes-2 hour FireKing

DS6431-2 FireProof Data Safes-2 hour FireKing
  • Ds6431
  • Ds6431 01
Model DS6431-2
Impact Rating Yes
Fire Rating UL 125 2HR
Interior Volume 20.6 cu ft
Detailed Spec Sheet DS6431.pdf
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FireKing DS6431-2LG: Large-capacity fireproof storage.
20.6 cubic feet capacity of UL® Class 125, 2 hour fireproof storage for large-scale media protection.
Our largest capacity fireproof storage safe for multiple media formats. This stand-alone UL® CLASS 125, 2-hour rated storage safe protects media against fire (temperatures up to 1850º F) for at least two hours, as well as damage from sprinklers, water and humidity.

20.6 cubic feet capacity
Exterior: H= 76 13/16” W= 40 7/8” D= 32 3/16”
Interior: H= 63 1/8” W= 30 3/4” D= 18 9/16”
Weight: 1,870 lbs.

Media drawers Drawer
DLT / LTO Tape
WITH jewell case
14 92 1,288
DLT / LTO Tape
WITHOUT jewell case
14 112 1,568
Std. Jewell Case
12 213 2,556
Thin. Jewell Case
10 482 4,820
Paper sleeve
12 1605 19,260
4 MM Tape 15 239 3,585
8 MM Tape 15 148 2,220
3480 IBM 14 99 1,386
PC100 ZIP 15 254 3,810

UL Class-125 2 Hour Fire Rating
The FireKing Data Safe is tested for 2 hours in a furnace with temperatures rising to 1925°F as per the Standard Time Temperature Curve. The internal temperature of the Data Safe must remain below 125°F and 80% interior relative humidity for the duration of the test.

Explosion Hazard Test:

The FireKing Media Safe is placed into a furnace preheated to 2000° for 30 minutes to simulate a cold data safe falling into a very hot fire.

UL Impact Test

The FireKing media safe is heated to 1640°F for 45 minutes then dropped onto concrete rubble from a height of 30 feet. It is then turned upside down and reheated for one hour. The data safe must maintain its integrity and protect its contents for the duration of the test.

Water resistance:

FireKing safes are designed to protect contents from incidental water contact such as building sprinkler systems and fire hoses.

Media Drawers Optional media drawers feature Heavy duty maintenance free suspensions for easy roll in/out. Adjustable dividers included for organizing media or mixing different types of media in the same drawer. Drawer spacing can be adjusted for optimal interior utilization.

Adjustable Shelf Optional flat shelf that's height adjustable within the data safe. Shelf pacing can be adjusted for optimal interior utilization.

Electronic Keypad lock.a electronic keypad lock comes standard.

Dial Combination Lock Optional dial combination lock is available for those that want a mechaical dial combination lock that doesn't need batteries.

Dock to Dock freight is included in the base price. A loading dock or forklift is required at the delivery location .
Lift gate delivery or curb side delivery is an additional $75.00. Delivery truck is equipped with a Hydrolic lift that will lower the FireKing safe to the ground. 
Professional inside delivery and set-in place is also available for FireKing data safes for an additional charge. Please call SafetyFile customer service at 1-800-700-8025 for a quote
For international customers a freight forwarders service will be needed. We will gladly assist with all the relevant documentation.
If you have any questions or concerns please call our customer service at 1-800-700-8025 for assistance in choosing the best delivery method for your location.

If a mechanical or operable part of a FireKing safe malfunctions or breaks down during normal use, Fire King International will at our option, repair or replace said part free for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Warranty excludes customer neglect or abuse, robbery attempt, burglary, vandalism or other criminal conduct, environmental factors (such as fire, water damage, wind), acts of God, lightning or power spikes or surges or modifications not made by FireKing. Any failure resulting in the use of unapproved lubricants, cleaning liquids or solvents and/or liquid spills are not covered under warranty. Failure resulting in the relocation of equipment by non FireKing technicians are not covered under warranty.

Warranty service is available by contacting your retail seller, or by contacting Fire King International at 1-800-457-2424. Fire King International reserves the right to have its representative inspect any product or part to honor any claim, and to receive a purchase receipt or other proof of original purchase before warranty service is performed.

This warranty is limited to the terms stated herein. All expressed and implied warranties including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are excluded, except as stated above. FireKing disclaims all liabilities for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of this product, or arising out of any breach of this warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights as well, which will vary from state to state.

Shipping Weight: 1870.0