Purchasing a Safe Online

Many manufacturers have started to sell their safes and other secure storage options online through different retailers or directly through their website. This has encouraged customers to purchase safes on an online platform instead or visiting the local store to buy it. There are a number of advantages of buying safes online but it's important to take some precautions and conduct some research before investing money in the product. Here are some tips that will help you buy a safe online:

1. Determine what kind of safe you need

There are different safe options available in the market and it's not easy to determine which one is the right fit. Create a list of specifications or priorities before you shop as it will make the process easier. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The safe’s fire rating – Should be resistant to fire for at least 1 hour
  • Locking mechanism.
  • Size.
  • Storage capacity. 
  • Protection against theft.

2. Understand the fire rating

Take time to understand the fire rating system before making the purchase. All safes available in stores have to pass a battery of tests to be considered fire resistant. They have ratings like:

  • UL Class 350 – 1 hour and 2 hour rated safes and cabinets
  • UL Class 125 – 1 hour, 2 hour, and 3 hour rated safes and cabinets

3. Always purchase from a reputable company

Look for a manufacturer with an established reputation in the industry. Visit the company's website to get more information about their products and services before committing to a purchase. It’s also a good idea to look into reviews and testimonials regarding the product online. Well-established companies will have good customer service, certifications and licenses, and a good track record with customers.

SAFETYFILE Authorized FireKing Reseller

4. Are they an authorized reseller?

Some safe companies sell their products on their website while others sell their products through resellers and dealers. It's important to check the reseller and determine if they have the required authority to sell the products to you. If you purchase the safe from an unauthorized reseller, you might not get warranty coverage and might even purchase a duplicate product. That can be a waste of time and money. Just visit the manufacturer's website and look for information about resellers or check the reseller's website to see if they're authorized by the manufacturers.

5. Warranties

It's also important to consider the warranties as you may need support from retailers and manufacturers for repairs and servicing. Read the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully before committing to a purchase and make note of anything that is not covered by the warranty. This can help you with repairs down the line.

6. How will the safe be shipped to your location?

Many online retailers ship items to your home or office location so you don't need to arrange for transportation. Study the retailer's shipping policy and options carefully and determine:

  • How much time would it take for the safe to reach your location?
  • What types of delivery do they offer? {dock to dock, lift gate or white glove}
  • Are there any shipping charges?

All these factors will help you choose the right safe as well as the right platform to purchase the item from. It's never a good idea to buy something that has very big discounts or is much more affordable than similar options available in the market. Buying a safe is a one-time expense, so experts advise focusing on quality as a good safe can easily last for decades.


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