Make Sure You Buy a Water Resistant Safe or File Cabinet

The objective of a safe is to protect your valuables and ensure the outside environment doesn’t have any impact on the internal environment. Most fire-resistant safes and cabinets are sufficiently resistant to fire and will help keep all the documents and valuables inside safe. But many of these aren’t resistant to water and that defeats the purpose of a fire-resistant safe in the first place. Most fires, especially large-scale ones, are extinguished with the help of water. The water can damage your files, documents, and valuables if it enters the safe.

Fireproof Waterproof File Safes

How does water cause damage?

Water has the tendency to slip past even the smallest gaps and cracks so your safe needs to be built to withstand some extent of moisture. Unfortunately, even highly rated fire safes can have relatively poor resistance to water so if you store your documents and important items in these safes, the damage is unavoidable.

How to buy a good water resistant safe or file cabinet

Buying a safe isn’t easy because there are so many options available in the market. There’s a lot of conflicting information as well, which is why it’s essential to do your research well before you purchase any specific piece. Here are some tips on how to purchase a waterproof safe:

  • Understand what water resistance means – Most safe manufacturers will provide proof of fire safety and impact resistance but many fail to provide much information on water resistance. Companies like FireKing are known to assess every aspect before they place the product on the market and ensure customers have all the information they need to make the right decision.

The fire-resistant safes are designed to withstand water from fire hoses and sprinkler systems. While some moisture may seep in, the safe would be able to keep most of it out without sustaining much damage. When the safe is in standing water, the gypsum in the safe walls absorbs the water and expands. This damages the safe and can damage the contents inside as well. Look for safes that have been tested for water resistance and can withstand water from sprinkler systems and fire hoses before you make your purchase.

  • Fire rating – For the highest level of safety and security, make sure the safe is water-resistant and has good fire rating as well. The safe should be able to last for 1 hour under UL Class 125 fire in order to provide adequate protection. Some safes last longer and have better fire protection ratings.
  • Size – Customers often underestimate the amount of space they need and end up buying a small safe. Always purchase a piece that’s a size larger than what you think you need to ensure you have enough space to store your valuables down the line. This is more affordable than buying another safe because you don’t have enough space in the first one.
  • Locks – Look for safes with UL rated locks that provide superior protection and are resistant to water as well. Locks with a dial combination or electronic keypad provide the best level of security and aren’t easy to bypass.

Low-cost safes don’t provide adequate protection and storing important documents or valuables in them can be risky. When it comes to security and safety, it’s better to invest in a superior product even if it’s slightly more expensive. These tips should help you find the best water resistant safe for your requirements.

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