Can Your Safe Survive the Drop Test?

Documents with important information are often irreplaceable; you need to store them in a safe space in order to ensure they don't get damaged. People with security concerns often store their important documents, sensitive computer hardware like disk drives, and other such essentials in heavy-duty safes. But how can you know whether the safe can keep your documents protected?

The Drop Test

Poor quality safes can't withstand the impact of falling if a floor collapses. Unfortunately, many companies claim to provide safes with substantial impact resistance without being thorough with the UL Impact testing process. This means you might not be able to trust the quality and durability of the safe because it hasn’t been assessed thoroughly enough. The UL testing is considered to be the most reliable and effective test so safes without good UL rating aren’t as reliable as safes with good UL rating.

FireKing Fireproof Data Safes

FireKing Fireproof Data Safes

The drop test is one of the most important quality checks to conduct before the safe is put on sale in the market. Different companies conduct drop tests differently but some are more accurate than others. The drop test done by Underwriters Laboratories {UL} is the most thorough and comprehensive tests in the industry. Here's what they do:

  • The safes are first subjected to excessive amounts of heat and fire for an extended period of time. This testing is designed to determine if the safe can survive building fires and extreme heat without damaging the contents within.
  • They then drop the safe from a height of 30ft, which simulates a drop from a floor caving in.
  • The safes are dropped in rubble instead of on a flat surface to ensure the test is as close to real-life conditions as possible.
  • The safes are then removed from the rubble and subjected to excessive amounts of heat again.

As you can see, the UL tests are very comprehensive and designed to test the safes for any vulnerability. These safes are rated based on the amount of time they can withstand testing conditions. Some safes are designed to last for 1 hour, some can last for 2 hours, and others last for 3 hours.

The Benefits of Buying a FireKing Safe

FireKing is an established brand with a wide range of products. They provide different kinds products suitable for different purposes so you have the benefit of choice. Here are some of the biggest benefits of buying a FireKing safe:

  • Variety - FireKing offers a number of safe options across different price points. They have cash management safes, commercial units, and residential safes. There are many options available in each category so you can choose one that fits your budget and requirements.
  • Fire ratings - All data or media safes have a fire-resistance of at least 1-hour under UL Class 125 and document safes a UL Class 350 rating. This is a clear indication of the safe's resilience. It can handle the conditions of a building fire for at least an hour before it is compromised. The product line includes safes with higher fire-resistance levels.
  • Break-in attempts - All FireKing safes are designed to resist break-ins. They're resistant to pry tools and hammer blows because all sections of the safe are reinforced.

If you're concerned about the safety of your documents and valuables, the FireKing safes are the best option for you.



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