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Gary Executive Safe EX0915

Model: EX0915
Interior Volume:400 cu inches

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Gary Executive Safe EX0915 Specification

Compact, portable, and incredibly tough, the Gary Executive Safe is a must-have for any business executive. With the Executive Safe you can safely secure items inside a desk drawer - your PDA, cell phone, watch, computer disks, credit cards, and other valuables. The handy mounting system allows the safe to be easily moved from desk drawer to car trunk or nearly any location. Once the safe is locked into place, only those with the proper entry code may open it or move it. Other features include a lighted keypad, low batter alarm, or timed system shutdown after the third incorrect code is entered. With the Gary Executive Safe, you can feel safe in your office or on the go.

External Dimensions :9" Height 15" Width 3.5" Depth

Executive Safe